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Ross and I wanted to thank you for sharing our special day with us.  We are so happy with your services and will be referring you to many people.  You were professional and exactly how we wanted our wedding to be.  We couldn't ask for a better reverend.  We appreciate the fun that you brought into our day as well.  You made it special - a day filled with many great memories.  Brenda and Ross


We have been impressed with your dedication to creating a special and unique ceremony for us.  You offer a variety of services and draw from your wealth of human knowledge and life experiences to counsel, guide and help others.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ceremony, and we appreciate your making it so wonderful.  Thank you for your guidance during our engagement and for the beauty you added to our marriage!  Russell and Sarah


Thank you so much for officiating our wedding.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, and we truly appreciate everything you prepared and did on our behalf.  We really lucked out!  We hope you are well, and are definitely going to refer you to other couples.

As an interfaith couple, you were very respectful of our wishes, and always treated us with warmth and professionalism. Emilie and Paul


We want to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you provided for our wedding.  We appreciate all your help in putting together our personalized ceremony.  There was a lot of positive feedback from our guests complimenting the elegance and style of our service.

We were very happy you were a part of our "big day".

Brian and Linda 


Testimonials -Memorials - Funeral Celebrant


Thank you for the beautiful service, and thank you for all of your kindness and support through this difficult time.  The planning of the service seemed therapeutic and helped to keep our minds focused.  I know that you are a very warm and kind-hearted soul, and for some reason I feel as if we have known you for a long time.  Thank you for your beautiful words. - Jennifer


Just want you to know I received many compliments on the service you gave for my Mom.  We were all very pleased.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with me in depth beforehand.  It was lovely, and Mom would have enjoyed it. - Myrna


Thanks again for the lovely memorial service you gave us.  The entire event went much better than we dared hope, and it went a long way toward healing old wounds for family members.  Your service was so much more meaningful to me than standardized religious rituals.  - Kate


Testimonials - Counseling


Thank you so much for your caring, wise and compassionate nurturing in your counseling sessions.  I really appreciate it.  I spent the entire day taking care of myself and doing nice things for myself.  I bought the book you recommended, reading it from cover to cover.  It really puts it into perspective.  It was exactly what I needed today. - Sunni


Rev. Veronica has a unique understanding of the emotional and spiritual components of the human condition, and the ability to share that wisdom and insight with others.  Her counseling represents a quantum leap in thought and behavior from what I believe most of us were raised to live by our parents and society.  She shows us how to love and understand the most important person in our lives, ourselves. - Stephen


Testimonial - Soul Consultations


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the soul consultation you did for me recently.  I found the whole experience to be enlightening, uplifting and surprisingly energizing.  I was exhausted prior to calling you.  Afterward, I was full of energy and excitement.  This was a positive experience that has truly made a mark on me.  - Brian


A note of thanks for the terrific soul reading today.  It really went a long way towards helping me feel better about myself.  You are truly gifted, and I'm blessed to have you in my life. - Laura


Testimonials:  Other Professional Speaking Engagements


Everyone who attended the meeting was truly moved by you and your story.  Your remarks were both compelling and inspiring; no one can speak more eloquently about the issues . . . than a survivor (and in your case, "thriver"!). -  Shana Calbreath


It was great to meet you in person!  What a delight you are!  Thanks so much for being willing to share your story - your growth and healing as well as your pain - with us.  By doing so, you helped the nurses and social workers in the audience put a very real face to a very real problem.  What a valuable contribution you made to the conference!  Janine Arseneau



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