And Experience Miracles
Turning Your Wounds Into Wisdom



Excerpts from Article by Rev. Veronica K. Chilton, formerly S. Monahan

as seen in New Avenues Magazine, April, 2000


      Our grief cannot be compared nor diminished.  Each person's loss is equally important to them no matter what that loss may be.  No one can presume that the loss of a pet for one person is any less important or tragic than the loss of a job, a lifestyle change, or that of ailing health for another.  Each has to deal with their own bereavement individually - and it involves a real, authentic grieving process no matter how one attempts to intellectualize it.

    As a bereavement counselor, Rev. Veronica K. Chilton gently guides clients not to compare their encounter with grief to another's.  Comparison will only diminish your feelings and experience around your response to your loss and keep you stuck.  This could imply you do not have permission or the right to grieve your specific loss because it appears as if someones else's grief is greater than your own.  If grief goes unresolved, it is cumulative over time and can contribute to much depression, illness and/or addiction in life.

     Our healing correlates with the way in which we respond to pain, suffering and tragedies.  We do not grow or evolve without change.  While in disappointment and doubt, we must summon up the courage change requires of us.  This continuous cycle requests that we learn larger, more spiritual lessons in life, ultimately reaching beyond what is available to our immediate senses.

     One of life's most difficult and important lessons is in learning to handle loss.  It tests the mettle of which we are made. Acceptance is the way in which we come to terms with loss.  When our spirit is ready, we are willing to walk away from what we have known toward the unknown or what can possibly be.  We become consciously aware of what life presents to us and with a reasonable attitude, we can choose to ultimately heal and move forward.

    When we are humbled, wounded or feeling defenseless, we are actually opening the door to encounter our deeper selves to experience new realities.  Our journey itself is about exploring the great mysteries of life - birth, creation, death and rebirth.

    On a soul level, we are being asked to release our pain and surrender to our higher selves and God which allows wisdom to come through us.  Surrender enables us to let go of circumstances beyond our control.

     Most appropriate to our sorrow are our tears, which are built-in mechanisms designed to help us enjoy better health. Laughter also reduces tension and increases the body's ability to heal itself.

     Your wounds can be turned into wisdom when your appreciation for all of life's encounters is acknowledged. Remarkable gifts abound from within and can be a time of rejoicing, thereby fulfilling the initiation process of releasing limiting patterns and beliefs into a new rhythm of life.






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