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As an ordained minister and trained counselor, Rev. Veronica K. Chilton creates a supportive environment of safety and understanding through counseling individuals and couples and by facilitating presentations and support groups.


In her own life, Veronica K. Chilton, has challenged herself by completing an outdoor vision quest in the wilderness solo for five days; conquering her fear of deep water by snorkeling with dolphins in the ocean despite a previous near drowning; liberating herself from a fear of heights by flying an ultra-light airplane; and engaging in the Anthony Robbins' "Turn Fear into Power" firewalk.


Working through emotionally-challenging experiences and numerous losses, she has chosen to dedicate her life's work to assisting and guiding others. She specializes in the changing of behavioral patterns, as well as the healing of addictions, relationship and survivor issues with talk therapy, theta healing, hypnotherapy and soul consultations. 


Entering into counseling is a step in courage for reclaiming one's life and learning tools for coping with life's changes. 


Prepare/Enrich Programs


Involves a 165-item questionnaire, which assesses relationship strength and growth areas in 20 categories, such as: conflict resolution, personality issues, financial management, spiritual beliefs, children and parenting, family and friends, sexual expectations, realistic expectations and leisure activities. 


Many couples are not prepared for marriage and have unrealistic expectations.  This program is an investment in your relationship and marriage.  It is available to premarital couples, premarital couples with a child or children, for co-habitating couples, for marriage enrichment, and for couples over the age of 50, getting married, seeking marriage counseling, or going through life transitions such as retirement.


Ask Rev. Veronica K. Chilton for the handout on "What Effective Counseling Feels Like and Criteria for an Experienced Counselor".


"My goal in counseling is to empower clients with practical information that can immediately be applied on a regular basis:  to get healthy, to overcome obstacles and practice faith in one's self.  One can achieve an incredible state of centeredness and peace of mind by reclaiming one's life."  Rev. Veronica K. Chilton


Theta Healings


Rev. Veronica K. Chilton  has pronounced intuitive abilities due to not one but two near-death experiences. She acknowledges God's divine plans for her path in offering alternative methods and services.


Certified in DNA 1 and 2 and Advanced Theta healing techniques, as facilitator, Rev. Veronica K. Chilton  serves as the conduit between Source and the client, and witnesses and integrates for the client this unique experience of God's unconditional love, insight and understanding.  DNA Theta is a soul healing performed on the level of the Creative Force.  This plane of existence is for instant healings and readings. 


With a Theta Healing:


You can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life.

You can heal physical and emotional ailments.

You can re-program yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything else your heart desires!

You can reactivate your genes for youth and vitality.

There are hundreds of possibilities available, which are included as those mentioned in Soul Consultations.  


Soul Consultations 

Rev. Veronica K. Chilton uses a series of prayers to open your records and is grateful to be the conduit of both practical and inspirational messages.


What is a Soul (Akashic) Record Consultation?


It is the Opening of your Records containing the History of Your Soul Journey.

Making Contact with your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Provides Insights and Direction valuable in times of transition.

Assistance in Clearing Up obstacles in Your life.

Accelerating your Spiritual growth

Unlocking your Ultimate mission and path


Benefits you will receive:


Automatic healing and release

Recognition of your gifts and abilities

Spiritual mediumship

Release from past-live concerns

Opening of your mission and path

Insights regarding relationship, health and work concerns

Reoccurring dream analysis


                                Rev. Veronica K. Chilton's healing counseling services are in-person or by phone at 262-695-2750.

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