And Experience Miracles

Rev. Veronica K. Chilton is the founder of Invoke the Light Ministries, LLC, an interdenominational ministry honoring commitment to all seekers of their truth, who co-create their lives with God and who live their own miracles. Born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Veronica has traveled extensively and worldwide. She currently resides in Wisconsin with a heartfelt enthusiasm about her path and mission in life.


Veronica's educational background incorporates study of Comparative Religions and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Among the many certifications she has completed in preparation for her ministry, are certifications in Grief Counseling from Marquette University, certification in Hospice Work, Horizon Home Health Care, Facilitator of Prepare-Enrich Pre-marital and Marital Courses, and she is a graduate of the Association of Professional Speakers School of Wisconsin.  Rev. Veronica was ordained a minister upon graduation from Pathways of Light Divinity School, in 2000.


Formative Years

Veronica's early religious training began at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Wisconsin, the denomination in which she was baptized and confirmed.  At the age of five, Veronica had a near-death experience which involved for her a visitation by the Virgin Mother Mary.  When seven, her Holy Communion served as a most important moment in her life filling her with an angelic presence of being touched by God.  Another near-death experience later in life taught Veronica about yet another surrendering process to the divine plans for her.

Business Life Experiences

Before recognizing the call of her spirituality, Veronica was an international fine arts dealer and has virtually travelled the world which added to her understanding and appreciation for other peoples and cultures.  Due to a family crisis, Veronica was asked to return home and through hard work, she took over the management of a family business, leading a financial turnaround from six-figure debt.

Finding Her Truth

After caring for her father who was suffering from a brain tumor, Veronica realized that her true calling was in working with others on a spiritual level.  A natural progression of study in hospice care and bereavement counseling led to her decision to become a minister.


In the year of the millenium, 2000, the week of a monumental birthday, Veronica completed her ministerial training through Pathways of Light Divinity School, which provided religious and spiritually focused courses with an orientation in the Course in Miracles.  Such courses served for spiritual awakenings and dedication to universally connecting with those around the world who believe in the Love of God.   She was ordained an Interdenominational Minister at St. Ann's Church and Healing Sanctuary in Wisconsin.

Formation of Interdemoninational Ministry

Invoke the Light Ministries, LLC was created to fulfill Veronica's ongoing commitment to those who have sought her counsel by offering compassionate assistance and guidance.  Her dedication to her own personal growth has allowed her to live in the present with clarity and wisdom for her clients.  She humbly strives to "walk her talk".


Rev. Veronica K. Chilton's healing ministry covers the Wisconsin counties of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Jefferson.

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