And Experience Miracles
Reasons to Enlist Rev. Veronica K Chilton

1.  Holistic, independent, interfaith minister of nearly a decade establishes a trusting relationship as an officiant and advisor to her clients and families being reliable, organized and diplomatic.


2.  Is a well-respected member of the community with proven experience of nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial employment and honorable documented testimonials.


3.  Designs comprehensive, customized, spiritual and/or religious ceremonies with sensitivity and professionalism.  She offers various packages and provides a 24-page packet of wedding materials for her couples. 


4.  Her services also include commemorating one's spiritual future with a blessed baptism, and memorials as a funeral celebrant, capturing stories of a loved one's life and customizing the service desired.


5.  Pre-marital and marital counseling entitled Prepare-Enrich is afforded her couples to build stronger relationships equipped with solid problem-solving skills.  She has also facilitated support groups for coping with loss and offers grief counseling sessions.


6.  As a professionally-trained speaker and teacher, her eloquent presentations, upcoming book, teleseminars and audio CDs bridge the sacred with secular with a grounded intellect and wit.


7.  In her calling as a minister, she has been featured in articles in Milwaukee M Magazine and The Veil magazine. She has contributed her own articles to magazines on noteworthy subjects.


8.  Among degrees and also esoteric certifications, her Course in Miracles studies highlight her sacred and healing practitioner abilities.  Her theta healings and soul consultations are well-received.  Her own personal journey is one of truth, courage and renewal.


9.  Has a deep connection and works well with persons of various ethnicities and creeds due to her Comprehensive Study of Comparative Religion and experience traveling to numerous foreign countries.


10.  The service and value you receive is only surpassed by the peace of mind, clarity and comfort derived from working with Rev. Veronica K. Chilton.



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